The Pasta Studio is your unique online hub for all things pasta. You will learn not just pasta recipes, shapes and sauces but what's behind the ingredients you use, dough techniques, cooking and storing methods.

Here you have all you need to become an expert in the pasta making world and eat delicious pasta dishes.

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"I just want to say how charismatic and kind Alessandra was when she greeted us. The level of her knowledge she bring to pasta making is just to the highest standards. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn making pasta."

- Tai, Nov 2019

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Hi, I’m Alessandra

"Be just like Pasta: flexible, resilient and strong but also bit magic"

I was born and raised in Sicily to a very large family of artisans. I worked as a social worker and project manager for many years before retraining in 2014 as a cook, host and events organiser with Stokey Food Assembly and then Chuffed & Stuffed. I've been working professionally in food over the last 5 years while working as a self-employed and trained as a professional Pasta Maker in Italy. After many years selling out delicious food experiences and workshops both in London, Italy and Lisbon, I'm currently busy building e-learning courses and virtual online classes as well as providing consultancy for restaurants around the globe.

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